Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting Not So Patiently...

Last week I did some spending and I love the thrill of selecting "complete order" and getting my little notification email to say - Thankyou for making your purchase and your order is complete and being delievered....from the moment I get that email I get butterflies in anticipation for I am not one that purchases on a whim but carefully looks around and then thinks about it (often too much). So generally when I have made that purchase I have already been looking and wanting the particular item(s) for a few weeks! And just to add to my impatience I live in good old North WA which means 2 weeks to receive the goods from the other side of the country!! Although one is coming from Perth so that should be here faster!

So it has been one week so far...and even though I know they would not have arrived yet I still check my box every day waiting for the slip that says "you have a parcel to pick up"! And I see all these challenges and I think of how much the new items will go great with that - so much that I struggle to think of other ways to do them with the multitude of goodies I already own! haha! But nevertheless I will try so stay tuned!


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