Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taking The Time!

I am so guilty of this - not taking the time to do the things I love.  Always making excuses that I don't have time or I am too busy with other things.  I know I am not alone in this but I finally decided I should take action and what better way than to do a layout on taking time to create.  This page was really based firstly around the tag from My Minds Eye and then a challenge from Embellish to use dots and stripes together.  Whilst I did not use the colours I did incorporate both stripes and dots - I think they go together well!  This is a very simple page (albeit with using goods from 5 different manufacturers) with a bit of journalling to help me remember to make the time to do what I love!  Apologies again for the horrible photo quality here!

Now since this page was completed and I told my hubby that he is to expect some mess every now and then (he is the clean freak) - we are moving and what was his first plan to start...packing and not just any packing but all the items in our spare room which includes all of my crafting goodness!  Whilst this has annoyed me somewhat because we don't have the removalists coming until 13th November but we have Eli's 1st birthday and it takes 4 weeks to get to where we are moving to!  Never fear though because the camera you see is going as carry on so I will have to entertain you with my last weeks capturing what I can of this area.  I may also have decided to have a go at digital scrapbooking - we will see how that goes too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hugs to all


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