Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Is...

Damo and I have both called different places home...I thought it would be fitting to have a frame cater for all of these places and I have it at the entrance to our current home. The photos are of Newcastle, The Pilbara and The Murray River. I got quite a few of these frames as they are so versitile around the home and for presents.

Newcastle is on the East Coast of Australia, The Murray River is the longest river and is the border for New South Wales and Victoria and finishes up in South Australia. The Pilbara is North West Australia outback...dont you love the red do not wear white there unless you plan on wearing it only once....haha!

Each of these places are as special to us as they are different!


Lisa Robb said...

I Love this! What a great idea. You have matched the cardstock to the photos so well. It looks great.

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