Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Update of Sorts

Good day to you all!  Well I think firstly I should re-introduce Elijah - he is almost 10months old in this photo.  Hard to believe at times but yes he is mine - I am a mum!  He is now 11 months but sadly I have no current photos on this computer but never fear when they are I will update again!  This was taken on a recent trip just up the road to a place called Point Samson.  l love it up there and the day was simple - relax on the grass eating fish and chips and paddle our feet in the water should the tides be right!  Bliss!

Yes I have been crafting but do you think I have taken photos to put them up on this great ol blog of mine....of course not - I will make sure I do it tomorrow but spread them out!  

Well I should be geared up to tell you about our latest move - which was to be back down to Perth.  Now that Elijah is here it is really hard (read costly) for family f to visit and for us to visit them too.  There are many other reasons but that is a big one.  Well we did all our planning and although we were getting a little discouraged by the whole ordeal especially finding a place to live - one day out of the blue I just mentioned heading back East instead if the same opportunity presented itself and that was that - 24hrs later we had made the decision to move back to that side of the country!  Where to though you might ask? Well it is somewhere we had been talking about moving too for a while!  All will be revealed shortly!  I can say though I will definitely be getting seasons again so it will be goodbye to my endless summer but hello to a whole new wardrobe!  haha! 

Will be back tomorrow with some of my latest creations!

Hugs to All


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