Monday, August 24, 2009

The Wait Is Over

For those of you that tune in regularly to will know that something has been going on behind the scenes and that we had to wait patiently to find out what it was! Well I am happy to announce the wait is over! I urge everyone to visit to learn what their new venture is all about! They are such an inspiration to us all in what we can do for our community and others.

The major part of this is the new Etsy shop and I have had a look and anyone that has admired Tina's creativeness and Jack's photography will be very happy to know some of that is now up for purchase!

Have fun shopping and helping out with such a great cause!


travelingmama said...

Oh! Thank you so very, very much!! We have lots more fun planned for the week so keep checking back! Hugs from Morocco!

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