Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Layouts To Keep You Going!


So whilst I am still figuring all this out I thought that I better post a few items of what I have been working on recently!

These are from our family's camping trip to The Murray River that we do every two years. It is such a beautiful place - Kunanadgee is a lagoon off the river just out of Corowa on the way to Mulwala. However, everytime that I have been camping there it has been the best weather up until the time I arrive and then we tend to get a "change" come through in the form of rain or strong freezing wind coming off the early snow that lasts until I leave.

Sadly, the lagoon no longer looks like this - it has been dry for some time and all the reeds have taken over - I prefer to remember it like this!

We are not camping next time around as we are moving down the river to Echuca and going to be going on a houseboat for the week. Definitly looking forward to that!


Lisa Robb said...

These are great. Makes me wish I was scrapbooking. Still am trying to find the time.

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