Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Country

When I was younger (not that Im old now - I mean my teens and early twenty's) all I dreamt about was travel to countries far from where I lived. I wanted to experience all they had to offer - their culture, their way of life, their landscape that was different from mine, the old, the new all mixed together. Australia is a relatively new country to the world and others my age just had no interest in exploring it. We wanted to do exchange years in the US or Europe, we wanted to do a year of Nannying or just backpacking - because overseas everyone loves Aussies!

But what about our own it not spectacular, does it not offer diversity, can you not get lost in its beauty - better yet you can feel like you are the only one there in certain parts - like you are the only ones who know of its existence! I had never really stepped outside of New South Wales (NSW) (east of the Great Dividing Range) before I met Damo, he had moved around all of his life to different towns large and small, coastal and rural because of his parents job. He showed me that there is more to Australia than I might think. We moved to Central West NSW for a few years and then we made the trek to Western Australia (for those of you overseas that is 5000km's - google it). A fantastic drive that I cant wait to do again - we are now North West WA (another 1500kms north from the capital) and seeing an entirely different side to Australia - this place is just magical and where you can go to a beach (that doesnt have waves which I am still tying to get used too) and be the only one there! Five minutes inland and you are in the ranges!

I still have many scrapbook pages to complete about that drive and also what we have been up to in between so they will be coming soon!

So yes I still want to explore the world but first I must explore my own backyard which came to my decision to create this scrapbook page! The pictures are all from my 2009 Australia calendar from Lonley Planet. I also have a France and Italty one. The writing (is Stampin Up markers) is small but it reads as follows:

"Although I wish to see the world...first I would like to discover and appreciate the beauty of my own backyard. Born and raised on the East Coast I moved to the country and then made the journey to the West Coast. What a spectacular trip - one I will never forget. This countrry has everything from the ocean, to the desert, the majestic rivers, the mountains, the rainforest, the bush...Yet so many of us do not venture to witness its beauty - its history and culture. I admit I was one of them wanting to only explore other countries - not now I met Damo - now I'm wanting to visit all of these places and everything in between"

I have also used the Making Memories defined sticker from Journey - that is the discover sticker. The Australia is some old chipboard letters I have in my stash and the rest stamped using the Stampin Up Defining Alphabet in Really Rust.

Hope that you enjoy and inpires you to travel and explore your country (if you are from Australia) or a new country (if you do not live in Australia)!


travelingmama said...

How fun! We love to travel too, as you might imagine! LOL! It's fun to explore no matter where you are!
Best wishes from Morocco!

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