Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TableTop - A layout

I have had these photos sitting around for ages and have not done anything with them - actually I have lots and lots but we don't need to go there...haha!  We love to explore this great backyard we have in The Pilbara and after a bit of a drive we came to our destination - TableTop Mountain (sounds better than Hill) and the next course of action was to actually find the way to get to the top of it.  When we eventually reached the top it was worth every bit of stress I had on the way up in the car!  The view was spectacular and it just got better and better as the sun was coming down.  As most people know that is my favourite time of the day here - if I could I would sit and watch the sun set everyday!

My apologies about the photos but we have had the worst wind here so it is hard to get some good photos with the natural light and we have horrible light indoors.  You will see what I mean in the next few posts also as I did them all at once!

I hope that you enjoyed this layout and sharing in our little trip to Tabletop Mountain!

Hugs to All


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