Friday, October 5, 2012

Always need Purple!

Good Evening to all - it has been another beautiful day here in North West WA.  We started the day on a sad note as we farewelled our neighbours who are also moving but this time pretty much straight across to the other side of the country - in comparison to us that are going in more of an adjacent angle south.  Eli and I wandered around town and I struggled not to buy anything since it will only be adding to our packing but there are some great books that have just come out (or about too) and of course all of the Christmas goodies are out on the shelves!  Very hard to resist - but I will mention one that I am counting down too - Kate Morton The Secret Keeper released in Australia 1st November!

On to the card though that I created.  The person it is for loves purple and butterfly's so I chose to combine them.  Naturally it looks much better in the sunlight where all the colours come out more but this shall have to do for now.

Simple yes but that is what I was trying to go for - you will see in my others that are coming up - it is a trend I have been trying to stick with and not be afraid of!

Enjoy your weekend everyone - I will be back with some more creations shortly and will also be enjoying Bathurst 1000 50th Anniversary - strangely enough I enjoy watching V8 supercar racing - most would probably find that a bit odd and a shock but it is true!

Hugs to all


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