Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slowly but surely

Yes I promised I would post the cards I made and here is the first one.

In sticking with the journey theme from my last post this card fits nicely I think.  Apart from the celebrate life being horribly out of line (I did also say I would post them even if I wasn't happy...haha).    This is a relatively simple card but I love it all the same!  What about you?

I tried to get a photo so you could see the stamp coming through the vellum from the inside and it worked well.  The sticker is on the front of the card.  Oh the great mess I made but I had fun re-finding all my goodies!  I think I have said before that I am not the clean one in our house - my husband is which means it's best to craft when he is not around!  I did however take a photo of my mess and send it to him when he was away....I can imagine the heart rate increasing when he opened it and saw this....

I don't have a dedicated area in this house yet...working on that - until then the dining table it is!

Will be back with another card soon!  Hope you are having a great weekend!



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