Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stairway to the Moon

A little over a week ago now my curiosity and a helpful vote of confidence from Tina also known as the very talented Travelingmama I decided to start a Pinterest account.  To get a bit of background I do not have and never have had a facebook account, I'm not on Twitter (that had to change to start Pinterest though) and not really visible online at all except for my blog that has not been shown any love over the past 18 months.  So in the space of a week I decided to jump back in to craft, start up my blog again and sign up for Pinterest and subsequently Twitter as well!  Crazy stuff!
So for any of you interested you can see my Pinterest boards here!
I thought that I would create a board based on Home so everyone can see a bit about this wonderful part of the world I live in called The Pilbara in Western Australia.  But trying to find any photos of it was a bit of a nightmare in itself so I will have to put some up myself!
Those lucky enough to be here April to October and on a night of the full moon, they can witness this magical event. 

The tides are out which means children and adults alike are walking the cove.  As the sun sets the colours come out in the rocks and trees - my favourite part of the day!  But the show is about to start and back to the beach we go and settle in to see the moon rise over the land and its brightness reflecting on the flats to create a staircase to the moon. 

Like our sunsets it is over too soon!
My mother in law is visiting in July and luckily enough she will be here when it is on.  We can not wait to share it again with her.
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