Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What have I been up to...Part 3

Hello once again! I left off last time after announcing that I had been made redundant (did I mention how much I dispise of that word) and so much has happened since then so I will get started!

Every two years Damo's family have a camping trip on the Murray River but this time around we organised to go a little upmarket and treat ourselves to some luxury...we hired out a HUGE houseboat which is the one in the photo above. I had been waiting for 1.5 years for this and it was well worth it! 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 10 person hot tub, deck chairs for all, kitchen upstairs and downstairs! Magnificent! The weather was spectacular too - sun out no rain for the 7 days! Apart from this wonderful holiday there were other things that needed to be accomplished whilst we were over East.....organising Our Wedding! In a week we managed to find his ring, my dress (ordered), my bridesmaid's dresses, our venue, our photographer, hair and makeup...Keep thinking I have missed something but either way thats alot don't you think?!

Before heading home we had a few nights in the beautiful Melbourne so shopping and lots of eating and drinking followed!! Then it was home and back to reality....what about a job!

Whilst this had been going on I had already been contacted by several people in the industry to see if I was looking to do work for them etc but as tempting as that was the offers were not taking a step forward but back and I wanted forward! One call stood out from all of them but it was both a scary and exciting was to start my own business! It was as if it all happened for a reason but I knew not to rush I had to weigh everything up and after lots of meetings, stressing, doing the numbers etc I have decided to do it! Damo has been wonderful throughout the process and continues to support my crazy ways!

So that is why I was away for the past two weeks it was induction to the dealer group I am going through for my license and right now I am in my office (working from home) and my business is Think Future Financial Management! See happy endings are always the best - but you can also see why I havent really been around very much in blogland or been able to do anything creative! I hope to make more time now!

I will be back tonight or tomorrow morning with my post for Makeesha's Inkspiration Challenge!

Hugs to all!


travelingmama said...

wow! You have been busy! Yay to houseboats and wedding plans!!!! Yay!! So glad you are well! Hugs from Denmark!

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