Friday, July 2, 2010

What have I been up to....Part 1

Hello again everyone!

Late last year I was offered by my employer to attend the Annual Conference this year in Feb with them and when I heard where it was being held I automatically went YES (and so did Damo)! Why you ask...because it was going to be held in Auckland, New Zealand. 1 - I have always wanted to go to NZ, 2 - Tracey my best friend had just moved there with her husband and young daughter Emily (my neice who turned 1 in Feb and I hadn't met her yet), 3 - Damo could come and this would be his first trip outside of Australia. So it was decided we were going to NZ - the only problem was we only had 6 days after the conference to see the South Island. I could have spent 6 months there!

We were wined and dined whilst in Auckland which was lovely and good to be able to get dressed up and meet all the people I speak to generally only by phone. Damo went and did a few of the "couples" itinerary. They are mostly women so he was in his element being all charming as he is! Either way it was lots of late nights and early mornings (ie lack of sleep) but fun!

I got to meet Emily and catch up with Tracey which was great - I miss her so much.

After the conference we flew to Christchurch and hired a little van to drive around in. We visited Akaroa first which was beautiful and had these very cute little cottages, then onto Lake Tekapo, went to the Visitors Centre for Mount Cook, on to Te Anau before visiting Milford Sound, back to Queenstown (sensational) and then to Fox Glacier where we took a helicopter flight up to the top of the glacier and we got to get out on to the ice...OMG that was the most spectacular experience of my life and I recommend to anyone that has the opportunity - yes it is expensive but worth every cent! After there we went on to a small little place called Jackson. We stayed at this wonderful motorhome park and there is a local tavern where we ate and drank with the locals (Aust V NZ in the cricket was also playing so that added to the entertainment!) We were offered by a local dairy farmer to go to his place the next morning to help milk the cows and see how it is all done. It was great even with the early start! After that we went back to Christchurch before heading back home via a night in Perth because we couldnt get home all in one day.

We met lots of great people on our little adventure but it was all over way to fast and we both want to go back as soon as we can!

Here is a scrapbook page of our trip to Milford Sound!

The Journalling reads "Words can not describe this magical hear about it but nothing prepares for its beauty, peacefullness and vastness. The colours, the sounds, the water, the eeriness even draws you in. We almost missed our chance but we made it - the drive alone to get to this place was worth every minute. Another inspiring moment and place in NZ. THs trip was Damo's first outside of Australia and not I believe he has THE BUG"

So I hope that you have enjoyed part 1 - I will show more of this wonderful trip in scrapbook pages to come but this is just a brief run down - part 2 of what I have been up to will come up tomorrow hopefully!

Heaps of Hugs


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